- Claude Monet, 1873

– Claude Monet, 1873

This painting is named ‘Poppies at Argenteuil’ and belongs to style of landscape. This painting is one piece of Monet works, but compare with his others painting, I really love this one.

As the painting shown, I can see the gestures of mother and child leisurely stroll looks really extremely lively and kindly. I broad my vision when I saw those dots of red flowers. I think, if can be comfortable with families, there is nothing like this happiness.

From ‘Poppies at Argenteuil’, I seem saw the expectation and full of hopes of the family. The person who in the picture just show their heads and parts of body, because it is adorn of the nature and stand out color with the poppies. There are several of white clouds floated in the light blue sky, make the flower’s color are most dazzling.


Monet, C 1873, ‘Poppy Field'[image] in works in focus-painting 2006, Musée d’Orsay, viewed 28 December 2012, <http://www.musee-orsay.fr/typo3temp/zoom/tmp_7a60941ca3675067cb00b7c05c6e4c6a.gif&gt;.