Simon MARMION                        (C.1465-1475)

Simon MARMION (C.1465-1475)

This painting is named ‘The virgin and child’ and belongs to style of portrait.

Nowadays, the theme of ‘Madonna and child’ is one of the most popular and the biggest concern for people, it might because that can feel the best and pure in human nature from these paintings.

As the painting shows, the Virgin Mary wear a dark blue mantle and hood, she was nursing the baby in her arm with an intensity and kindly face. She looks like a simple and loving mother. The character of Virgin Mary is a vertical line vision and the vision of baby is diagonal line. Besides, the perspective of this painting is close up; Mary seems like seat in a big and old building. And the colour is Low-key style and bright contrast with person and land scape. The scenery of painting has magnificent and authentic space; there have several of mountains, many trees, a boat in lake and some of castle, also sky is light blue with white clouds.

I saw several paintings of ‘Madonna and child’,  and I felt it so beautiful and motherhood from those works.


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